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jacobs ladder reboot grabs new star

Jacob’s Ladder Redux Casts lead, Described as ‘A Paranoid Action Thriller’

Earlier this month we learned from screenwriter Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train) that we might be seeing a Jacob’s Ladder remake in theaters sooner rather than later. Bluer reported that LD...

Saw - Wan and Whannell

Eight Upcoming Sequels and Reboots That Don’t Need to Happen

I know, I know, no sequel or reboot ever needs to happen. Let’s just make that clear right out of the gate. They’re not a necessity and more often than not they do more harm than good. But some of my ...

Cujo - Donna from Cujo

Cujo Remake Reveals New Details

The long discussed remake of Cujo is making headway and will apparently be seeing release under a different name. Also, it is already being speculated that the film will be headed direct-to-DVD, rathe...

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Boards The Blob Remake

Today brings a major casting announcement for Simon West’s remake of The Blob. We have just learned that megastar Samuel L. Jackson will be joining the cast of the upcoming reboot. According to ...

Leatherface. TCM. Stephen Dorff

Leatherface Adds Conjuring Star to the Lineup

The upcoming prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has cast another lead in the form of one of the stars of James Wan’s The Conjuring. According to a Deadline article divulging which pictures N...

After Remakes: The Current Trend of the Red Herring Reboot

Remakes were the trend of the 2000s. Found footage didn’t hit the mainstream until later. Asian ghost stories fizzled out around 2005, but from 2003 to 2009 remakes were coming out in increasing numbe...

The Blob Remake Gains Steam

A remake that seemed like it could be dead in the water has announced some movement. We have learned via Screen Relish that director Simon West (Con Air) is moving ahead on his remake of The Blob. Wes...

Terminator 2 - Terminator Genisys - Terminator: Genisys

Teaser Trailer For Terminator Genisys Released!

Just yesterday, Paramount Pictures revealed a motion poster for the forthcoming Terminator Genisys. It was announced the full trailer would debut on Thursday but we have a brief teaser for the trailer...

Terminator 2 - Terminator Genisys - Terminator: Genisys

A Terminator Genisys Motion Poster has Arrived

A motion poster has been released for the forthcoming Terminator: Genisys. The motion poster debuted via the film’s newly launched official website. We have your first look at the animated desig...

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