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Is a Jaws Remake in the Works?

Jaws Death Scene - Censored Pics

As a result of the announcement that his company Dreamworks will be splitting with Disney and possibly partnering with Universal, Steven Spielberg has been all over the press. In their coverage of the news, THR recently dropped a hint that we may be seeing a Jaws reboot as a result of a potential partnership between Universal and Spielberg’s company Dreamworks.

The outlet said that: “[Spielberg] also is key on potential reboots of other Universal franchises such as ‘Jaws’ and ‘Back to the Future.’” No guarantee that the project is even in the early stages of development or will ever get made but it might be interesting to see where a Spielberg produced Jaws remake would take things.

You've probably never watched "Jaws" while floating in an inner tube over murky water, right? The Alamo Drafthouse is making it easy to scare yourself silly with an outdoor screening of the movie at Texas Ski Ranch.

That’s not to say that a remake is necessary or that I’m championing the idea but in a reality where remakes are an inevitability, it’s nice to see the original creators heavily involved. Spielberg was not involved in any capacity with any of the largely panned sequels to Jaws, so it would be interesting to see in what capacity he would be willing to be involved with a remake. 

Jaws sees a coastal town being tormented by a vicious shark that is hell bent on attacking every chance it gets. Stay tuned to the site in the coming months for more (if anything) on this potential project as it is announced.

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