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New Concept Art for Rob Zombie’s ’31’ Revealed

Psyhco-Head Poster art for the Rob Zombie film 31.

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More concept art for the yet to be produced Rob Zombie film 31 has been posted to the official website for the film. Check out three brand new images after the jump.

Zombie has opted to crowd fund his latest project rather than seeking conventional financing for the project. Zombie feels that this allows him to make the kind of movie he wants to make without the restrictions and red tape that come along with studio financing. Zombie has suggested that film’s like The Devil’s Rejects would never get approved for studio funding in today’s filmmaking climate. Contributors to the film’s campaign can chose from a variety of prizes depending on the amount of your donation.

The title refers to Halloween – the 31st day in October. Zombie is touting it as a killer clown picture and has suggested that it will be nasty and brutal.

The story zeroes in on five people kidnapped in the days prior to Halloween. They are brought to a place called Murder World where they must fight for their survival by playing a game called 31. To win, the ‘contestants’ must kill their opponent over a 12-hour period. Their adversaries are comprised from a group of killer clowns.

Concept art from Rob Zombie's 31.

Concept art from Rob Zombie's 31.

Concept art from Rob Zombie's 31.


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