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Our first Look at DOOM Gameplay


We’ve been hearing rumblings about a new DOOM title for a while now, with beta access even being a pre-order bonus for Wolfenstein: The New Order back in 2014. DOOM is a reboot of the classic 1993 first person shooter franchise where you play an unnamed space marine (unofficially known as Doomguy) fighting demons on Mars after a portal to Hell has been opened. Man, video games were weird in the 90s. Finally, thanks to Bethesda Softworks’ E3 showing, we have out first substantial look at the gameplay from this upcoming release.

This video shows us a run through of a level, and it definitely hits on some nostalgic tones for fans of the original, with demons getting a shotgun to face, plenty of plasma blasts, and of course… the chainsaw. We don’t see any of the classic demon designs, but the ones on display do feel like they fit right in with the same aesthetic.

This game in general looks like it’s trying to be a throwback to the blood-soaked days of yore, including health pickups instead of healing over time, and injecting a lot more color than the shades of brown that modern first person shooters tend to have. The most noteworthy thing here is the abundance of close-up cinematic kills, with the chainsaw in particular offering some incredibly gory moments. This isn’t anything terribly new, but the ones included are pretty great. Check out the full eight minutes of gameplay in the player below. DOOM hits Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC in Spring 2016.

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