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Prometheus 2 Will Connect Back to Ripley and the Xenomorphs

Prometheus 2

Ridley Scott recently dropped some major news regarding the title of the sequel to Prometheus and he has further piqued our curiosity by suggesting that the prequel will have ties to Ripley and the original Alien film as well as Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5! Head inside for all the details!

In an interview with Empire, Scott had much to say about how the films will seemingly exist in the same cinematic universe.

“In a way it is ‘Prometheus 2,’ it’s exactly the same story,” Scott explained. “But it was always in the works to be called that [Alien: Paradise Lost]. Is ‘Prometheus’ actually taking us off course from where I’m going, which is actually backing into the first Alien… I’ve even got connections with Ripley, but I’m not telling you what.”

Scott had initially suggested that the creature design would be different from the original franchise and that we wouldn’t be seeing any Xenomorphs but the director seems to have changed his tune on that, as well. “I think I have to go again,” Scott said of re-approaching the Xenomorph. “We will see who made it, and why. That’s what’s interesting.”

As for how his prequel is effecting Neil Blomkamp’s sequel and if it’s getting in the way, Scott made the following statement:“I’m producing it. The design is for it to go out next, after this. This will go out first. It’s more associated with Ripley, it’s a completely different angle, it’s more of a sequel. I’m coming in from the back end.”

As we previously reported, while doing press for The Martian, the director announced that he has officially settled on a title for his forthcoming Prometheus sequel, and that title will be Alien: Paradise Lost. 

The Prometheus sequel will likely see release in 2017. It is slated to begin lensing February of next year.

Although we don’t know exactly where the sequel will go, we do know that the planet featured in it (which is expected to be called Paradise) will be home to the evil doing engineers of the first installment in the series.

The sequel is written by Michael Green and Jack Paglen. It will see the return of both Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace. Stay tuned to the site in the coming months for even more updates on this project as they are announced!

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