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Release Date For Third Season Of Black Mirror Revealed

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The critically-acclaimed BBC TV show Black Mirror (that was subsequently picked up by Netflix) is back, with six, brand-new episodes for a third season this fall, on October 21st!

Black Mirror is, for all intents and purposes, the modern day Twilight Zone for a new generation of viewers. The previous two seasons, along with the Christmas special – which need to be binge-watched immediately if you haven’t done so already – was widely considered to be thought-provoking and, in certain parts, even quite shocking.

Past episodes challenged, among other things, our reliance on technology and took place in a disturbing future that is not too far removed from our present. Topics dealt with in the initial episodes ranged anywhere from artificial intelligence, to modern day indentured servants, and how, with the world now at our fingertips, we can still feel so alone.

Along with the release date, key actors and titles for each episode have also been released, boasting creepy names including; Playtest, Hated in the Nation and, er, Shut Up and Dance. And, while Black Mirror typically uses relatively unknown actors, they’re known to sprinkle in well-known celebrities to add some zest. With season three, this tradition seems to have continued. Among the smaller actors, we can also expect to see Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones), Michael Kelly (House of Cards), and Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness).

Series creator Charlie Brooker promised at a recent conference that the new season would boast “a variety of tone” and wouldn’t be as much of a “bleakfast” as previous incarnations.

The initial episodes of Black Mirror blew me, and pretty much everyone else, away and I have high hopes for this next season, which I will of course binge watch!

Stay tuned to Wicked Horror for further developments!

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