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This Terrifying American Horror Story VR Teaser Will Delight Gamers

American Horror Story

At the infamous San Diego Comic Con, fans of American Horror Story were invited to partake in a particularly interactive teaser.  Those who were brave enough to step up for a first look at Season Six were given a virtual reality (VR) headset and the opportunity to experience chilling moments inspired by the terrifying television series.

In promotional materials leading up to Comic Con, American Horror Story released a clip of part of the virtual reality trailer, which had the viewer sitting on top of a cart wrapped in what appears to be a body bag. The graphics in the promo were pretty sharp watching on a computer screen, but one can only imagine what the viewer must have felt like living that in VR. Check out a clip from the VR experience below.

The VR experience at the San Diego Comic Con will likely be of particular interest to gamers, even more so than the show’s legions of loyal fans. For game enthusiasts, this is an entirely different experience. And an amazing one at that.

Imaging if Resident Evil 7, Silent Hill, or even Five Nights at Freddy’s were ever truly reformatted for VR. Realistically speaking, its probably not out of the questions a that seems to be where the future of video games is heading. This is not only amazing, but pretty scary, too. And it’s definitely an ideal fit for American Horror Story. 

I already freak myself out playing horror games on a television set several feet away, so with VR I would probably lose it. But I’m sure the experience will be worth it! Make sure to check Wicked Horror for  more developments!

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