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Sean S. Cunningham Weighs in on New Friday the 13th Series and Upcoming Sequel

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In a Q&A with FangoriaFriday the 13th director Sean S. Cunningham offered some updates on both the upcoming CW series based on the property as well as the long planned follow up to the 2009 reboot. Head inside for the full story!

When Fangoria asked about the somewhat controversial decision to house the upcoming series at the teen-focused CW network, Cunningham made some solid points. “We went with CW because they are probably the most successful genre distributor in the world because they’re not only strong in this country but around the world with their other titles, in particular, Arrow and The Flash. They know that market and they know the audience. They’re very smart and very psyched about doing the project.”

The outlet also probed the director about the rumors of the remake being found footage and set during the winter months and he quashed both concerns. “They’ve been talking about that, but that’s not going to happen. I think what’s different for sure is Paramount was hung up on trying to do the found footage, which most fans, including me, just thought it wasn’t right,” Cunningham said. “They weren’t saying yes to anything that didn’t work but they couldn’t find anything that would work. So finally, last February they gave up on it and decided to go in a completely different way and now they’re in the process of once again finding a better way to make it.”

The release date of the reboot has moved from May 13, 2016 to a 2017 date.  As for the CW series, Steve Mitchell & Craig Van Sickle will be penning the series pilot for the network but we don’t yet have a targeted premiere date for the program.

Stay tuned to the site in the coming months for more details on the proposed series as they are announced!

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