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Stuart Gordon’s ‘Dolls’ is Coming to Blu-Ray

The blu-ray cover artwork for Stuart Gordon's Dolls, which will see release from Scream Factory!
The blu-ray cover artwork for Stuart Gordon's Dolls, which will see release from Scream Factory!

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Stuart Gordon’s modern fairly tale Dolls is headed for Blu-ray. Scream Factory will have the film available via their website November 11th. The pre-order price is $21.95. The benefits of pre-ordering include an exclusive 18″x24″ poster featuring the newly commissioned artwork, available while supplies last! Plus, your order will ship on 10/21 – three weeks before the films official release date. The Scream Factory website lists no special features at this point, however, it is being touted as a collector’s edition. so more details will likely be added as the release date draws nearer. Check out our retrospective on Dolls here.

Dolls takes place on a dark and especially stormy nigh. The film finds an eclectic group of people taking refuge from the storm at the home of a seemingly sweet but ultimately creepy older couple. The husband and wife duo reveal to their houseguests that they are toymakers and then show their visitors to their rooms. Everything seems to be in order at first but shortly after retiring to their rooms, the stranded houseguests discover that everything is not as it seems. Toys begin to come to life and they don’t want to play…they want to kill.

The film was previously out of print on DVD, so it’s nice to see Shout Factory making Dolls available to horror fans and at a reasonable price.


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