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Jeff The Killer- Bedtime Scares

jeff the killer

The scary myth and legend that is Jeff the Killer.

You’re looking into the face of one of the internet’s most disturbing legends; Jeff the Killer.

There has been a number of speculation about who Jeff the Killer is, was, and what he did.

The story, which most variations are based on are that, Jeff the Killer, was a guy who went crazy after getting burned in a fire caused by bullies. His face was so disfigured from the fire that one night he cut a joker like smile into his face so he could smile forever, and he burnt off his eyelids so he could permanently stay awake.

Jeff killed his family because he snapped and went crazy over his looks, before running away.

Legend has it, Jeff the killer is still out there. The last thing a person supposedly hears before he kills them is… GO TO SLEEP.

While that is a scary, if flawed story, it has been said the image came from a sad encounter.

In the fall of 2008, a girl named Katy Robinson allegedly posted a grainy photo of herself taken in a closet on a social network image board. As this story goes, the girl was bullied relentlessly for her weight and later committed suicide.

It is claimed Katy’s original photo was Photo shopped to create what is now considered the Jeff the Killer photo.

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