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Troma Goes Behind the Scenes with New Found Glory

New Found Glory One More Round


Pop punk mainstays New Found Glory have delivered a blood-soaked new music video and who better to present the behind the scenes than exploitation legends Troma? This marks the second time that the two have collaborated on a music video following 2002’s “Head on Collision,” which featured Lloyd Kaufman as well as The Toxic Avenger and Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. The band also appeared in Troma’s 2004 film, Tales From the Crapper.

The video itself features blood, brass knuckles, blood, chainsaws, blood, the band getting the crap beaten out of them, and more blood! The “Behind the Scenes” features Kaufman interviewing members of the band and getting their perspective on what the song is about, how the video relates to it, and why the Internet has made videos with this kind of subject matter more viable. Check out Troma’s Exclusive Behind the Scenes below as well as the music video itself. You can also see our own list of Top 10 Horror Themed Music Videos here.

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