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The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger

Toxic Avenger Remake On The Way – Is Nothing Sacred!?

Hollywood is no stranger to remakes. And, considering they’ve already messed with Jason, Freddy and Leatherface, it only makes sense that Toxie would be their next port of call, right? Your eyes...

Toxic Avenger II Blu-ray

The Toxic Avenger II and Class of Nuke ‘Em High 2 are Coming to Blu-ray

Troma has just announced that The Toxic Avenger II and Nuke ‘Em High 2 are coming to Blu-ray and are now available for pre-order via Amazon. In The Toxic Avenger Part II Toxie goes to Japan to s...

The Toxic Avenger

Netflix Horror Spotlight: The Toxic Avenger (1984)

Netflix Horror Spotlight brings you Wicked Horror’s top picks for what to watch on Netflix, whether it’s the latest indie darling, a classic masterpiece or a silly slasher that deserves a little bit m...

New Found Glory One More Round

Troma Goes Behind the Scenes with New Found Glory

Pop punk mainstays New Found Glory have delivered a blood-soaked new music video and who better to present the behind the scenes than exploitation legends Troma? This marks the second time that the tw...

A Beginner’s Guide to Troma

When you think of horror what comes to mind? Masked slashers hiding in the darkness? Terrified victims being tortured in a warehouse? Horror is a genre that can be dark and disturbing, but that’s not ...

Troma Toxic Avenger Comic

Troma to make Toxic Avenger Comic Available as Digital Download

Today, Team Troma has announced that they will be releasing the 11-issue Toxic Avenger comic from the early ’90s as a digital download. The books will see release under the newly established Tro...

Poster for Lloyd Kaufman's Troma film The Class of Nuke Em High.

All DVDs and Select Blu-ray Discs are 25% Off Via the Troma Store Now!

[soliloquy id=”8947″] Our friends at The Troma Shop have some really fun titles on sale for pretty good prices. For example: The Class of Nuke ‘Em High blu-ray is 25% off and the ent...

Lloyd Kaufman of Troma.

Lloyd Kaufman to Appear at Stan Lee’s Comikaze

[soliloquy id=”8947″] Troma has reached out to let us know that Lloyd Kaufman will be in attendance at Stan Lee’s Comikaze. Details on the event and more after the jump. Come inside ...

First Draft Scripts that should be adapted - Gremlins - Top 10 horror films of 1984. Poster art for the 1984 Joe Dante film Gremlins.

Top Ten Horror Films of 1984

Thirty years ago this year, horror was in a very different place. It really was. Might even have been a better place, but there’s still plenty of life in the genre right now. Still, the mid-80’s were ...

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