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Pennywise is coming back!- Are you ready for IT?

Pennywise from the novel by Stephen King showing off his pearly whites.

When I was six years old my mother let me watch the miniseries “IT”. I had clown wallpaper, clown bedspread and a clown bedroom light while the rest of my room was painted red. I’m not sure if it was her intention to scare me but a few days later my room was changed to a fluffy, soft pink. True story.

I’m not scared of clowns nowadays but I wouldn’t say I particularly like them… though I am loving that Pennywise will be back in town! Tim Curry’s excellent performance will never be forgotten and no clown has ever set the bar so high in terms of clown terror and I can’t wait to see that ghastly smile again.

It’s been over 25 years since Pennywise the dancing clown began terrorizing kids both in the movie and at home and I’m sure there are many actors that could again bring back him to life. If you haven’t seen the original are you sure you’re a horror fan? The film tells the tale of the “Losers Club”, a pack of outcast teens living in Derry, Maine, and they discover a vicious, shape-shifting monster who is preying on the town’s children. Watch.IT.Now. (pun intended)

I’m cautiously optimistic and eagerly awaiting when it will go into production but it’s said to hopefully be released sometime next year. I’m also curious of how much of the original novel written by Stephen King will go into this two-part remake but either way I’ll definitely be watching IT.

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Written by Nicola Odeku
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