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Review: Mary Kills People Is A Well-crafted Series That Asks The Hard Questions About Death

Mary Kills People, an upcoming T.V. show on the Lifetime network, which premiered Sunday, April 23rd stars Caroline Dhavernas (as seen in Hannibal and Blue Moon) as the lead Dr. Mary Harris, and follows she and her business partner Des (played by Richard Short, Public Enemies, American Horror Story) as they provide an illegal end of life service for selected clients.

While the show beings at the height of Mary and Des new endeavor, which they prove to have down to a science, things quickly start to unravel as it is revealed that Mary is being investigated by the police. Everything also gets more complicated as Mary’s children are torn between their divorced parents and unsure why their mother is so distant.

Mary Kills People is a well-crafted television show that not only boasts some amazing story development, but serious character growth as well. Throughout the season, there are non-stop twists and turns that consistently leave you questioning how the next episode is going to turn out.

With TV shows now, sometimes a concept starts strong, but then poor writing ruins it, leaving audiences disappointed and craving more. From interesting plot devices such as an adoring uncle/drug dealer, to a wholly unethical romantic relationship, Mary Kills People does storytelling right–it surprises you.

Many episodes also leave you digesting the episode afterwards to think about what the hell just happened and where it can possibly go from here. For a television show with a darker nature, Mary Kills People crafts itself in a way that has wide appeal to a general audience. As for the characters, I cannot praise Mary Kills People enough for the excellent, intricate work that was put into each person.

Mary Harris for one is not only compelling beautiful, but is a female lead in a crime drama/thriller done right (for once.) Ever since the conception of Clarice Starling, as seen in  The Silence of the Lambs, T.V. shows have been trying to capture the coldness and vulnerability of a female lead like her.

Mary Kills People 2

Mary Kills People does that so well that I almost wept with joy. For example, at one point, Mary is being threatened by a drug dealer, but she keeps her cool in front of him and firmly tells him to back off. However, after this confrontation, she confides in her partner and is yelling and screaming, going off the rails because she is freaked out. This example is one of the many that is pure genius in that it shows the writers really know how to write human, female characters.

Besides Mary, the other characters in this show are all interesting and surprisingly human. Des, her partner, her daughters, and even the police in the show are all likeable and let you in on who they are without spoon feeding you. Sure, you get to know the backstory of each character a little bit, but what is more compelling are their actions, how they react to things, and how they are just flawed, regular people like the rest of us. Because of excellent writing like this, you are able to fall in love with these characters and be compelled by their story.

However, of all the things that Mary Kills People does right, the most impressive is that while the show is indeed fictional, it does question your real world views on assisted suicide. Like it or not, modern medicine is advantageous for a lot of people, but on the flip side powerful pharmaceuticals and treatments can extend the life of a person, even if they are in total misery. Every client of Mary’s is a scene stealer, talking about their lives and their choice to end it on their own terms, refusing to live one more day in pain and suffering.

Her clients are empowered by the fact that, although they did not choose to get sick, they choose when to move on to the next life. In the real world this is a hot topic since while doctors take a medical oath to heal and protect their patients, isn’t offering them something that they request not filling your duty to your patients? This is one of the many questions that Mary Kills People challenges you with and a show that sells an excellent story and simultaneously tests your opinions is, quite simply, breath-taking.

Overall, Mary Kills People should be your next favorite television show and I definitely recommend giving it a try. It has wide appeal for a general audience, but is smart writing that can appeal to horror fans and our darker sensibilities just as much. So, give it a try and see if you think that Mary kills people.

Catch it on Lifetime on Sundays at 10 PM. The first episode aired this past Sunday. 

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