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The Girl Next Door (2007) review

‘The Girl Next Door’ (2007) is Terrifying and Intense [Review]

The Girl Next Door (2007) is based on the Jack Ketchum novel of the same name. The film takes inspiration from a series of terrifying real-life events. Gregory Wilson directed this jarring picture. Th...

Devil’s Rejects real life

The True Story Of The Real-Life Devil’s Rejects

Rob Zombie’s critically-acclaimed masterpiece The Devil’s Rejects is the far superior sequel to the equally gut-wrenching and terrifying House of 1000 Corpses. The Zombie-helmed gore flicks foll...

Storyteller Ghosts

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Ghosts delivers eerie spiritual chills with “The Promise” [Review]

Horror or the grotesque often tinged the original television episodes of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller. That spirit remains in the fourth installment of Boom’s latest miniseries resurrection, Jim Henso...

2016 horror The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Blood on my Sofa: Hate From The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Welcome to Blood on my Sofa! Each month I will be providing you with a movie recommendation. It won’t be just any movie, but a movie I watched during the previous month that really rocked my wor...

Fight Club 3

Fight Club 3, Issue One is a Resounding Return to Form [Comic Review]

Three years after the conclusion of Chuck Palahniuk’s unexpected sequel, Fight Club 2, Tyler Durden is still the only constant. Following a climax as meta as it was jarring, Fight Club 3 anchors itsel...

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder and the Process of Dying

Jacob’s Ladder, released in 1990, puzzled audiences and critics. Dealing with complicated issues of loss, grief, paranoia, hallucinations, death, and rebirth, the film demands multiple viewings ...

Review: Mary Kills People Is A Well-crafted Series That Asks The Hard Questions About Death

Mary Kills People, an upcoming T.V. show on the Lifetime network, which premiered Sunday, April 23rd stars Caroline Dhavernas (as seen in Hannibal and Blue Moon) as the lead Dr. Mary Harris, and follo...

We Go On

We Go On Is A Deep Journey That Asks The Big Questions About Our Mortality

We Go On centers around Miles Grissom (played by Clark Freeman, of TV’s NCIS: New Orleans and horror oddity YellowBrickRoad) and his determination to find out if there is life after death. As an adult...

Dead West Is A Captivating Revenge Story [Review]

Dead West is billed as an action western following Tony (played by Jeffrey Arrington, John Freeman  Story, Vicious), brother of a victim of a serial killer known only as The Ladykiller (Brian Sutherla...

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