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Here’s a Massive Update on Friday the 13th: The Game

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It’s been a while since we last reported on the Friday the 13th video game. So, we are back with a massive update on the progress that has been made since the Kickstarter campaign first launched.

To start, the game has raised an absolutely astounding $800,000 on Kickstarter, even reaching some of the campaign stretch goals. The original goal was $700,000. All of that funds earned have been put to good use. Kane Hodder has been lending his talents to the creators of the game to ensure that the character’s movements and actions are as authentic as possible. Hodder was actually injured during the motion capture process. But he is expected to make a full recovery. He had severe bruising to his tricep but nothing life threatening.

As for gameplay, the game will randomly feature telephones that counselors can use to call for help. Characters will spawn from a variety of locations, depending upon which character the player is acting as. Searching will be a primary function of the game. IE: Counselors will search cabins for weapons and such. The game is also expected to feature Jason during several different time periods. So, you can expect Baghead Jason, Unmasked Jason, Hockey Mask Jason, and more!

The game allows for one player to take on the role of Jason, while being pit against seven other players that will play as camp counselors. The game is expected to see release in the fall of this year. An exact date has not yet been nailed down.

Check out a series of newly revealed images detailing Hodder in the motion capture suit, Hodder’s on set  injury, and some shots depicting what Jason will look like in the game.


Unmasked JasonBag-Head-Jason-FT13th-Game Kane-Hodder-Friday-the-13th-Game Kane-Hodder-Motion-Cap kane-hodder-sleeper-holdKane Hodder Friday the 13th the Game Injury

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