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XLrator Media Acquires Misery Clone Amnesiac

Amnesiac film.

XLrator Media announced today that they have secured the North American distribution rights to the memory loss thriller Amnesiac. It sounds an awful lot like a rehash of the Stephen King classic Misery. But perhaps it’s too soon to tell with any kind of certainty. Little more than a single image and an official plot synopsis have been released at this juncture. The film certainly has a respectable cast working in its favor. So, maybe I’m being too quick to pass judgement…Time will tell.

No official release date has been set as of yet but at this point we do know that the distributor is planning to release the picture this summer via their genre film focused Macabre Label.

Amnesiac stars Wes Bentley (P2) as the titular amnesiac and Kate Bosworth (Black Rock) as his wife. It is directed by Michael Polish. The screenplay was penned by Mike Le and Amy Kolquist.

The storyline sees a man waking up in a bed and learning that he is suffering from amnesia. As he slowly begins to piece things together, he starts to suspect that his wife may not actually be his wife. As things intensify, he finds himself trapped in the bed in which he awoke.

Amnesiac film.

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