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The Mortuary Collection Fantasia Fest 2020 Movie Review

The Mortuary Collection Is A Frightfully Fun And Stylish Anthology [Fantasia Review]

Ryan Spindell’s The Mortuary Collection has had a long, strange journey to Fantasia Fest. His short The Babysitter Murders was well received on the festival circuit back in 2015, but due to spor...

Body Bags

Seven Forgotten Horror Anthology Movies That Beg for Rediscovery

Horror anthologies are great. There are some that have more staying power than others, some that get a little more acclaim than the rest because of a few standout stories rather than just one or two. ...

Tales from the Darkside

Five Unsung Anthology Movies Worth a Second Look

Anthology movies are underrated sub-genre in general. The format tends to have better luck on TV, where people can see a different story every week. The anthology movies that are beloved are held to a...

Tales from the Darkside

Script to Pieces: Tales from the Darkside 2

Welcome to Script to Pieces, a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where we look at the best, most interesting and at times most unbelievable horror movies that never happened. Sometimes these will be ...

Are you afraid of the dark

Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Top 5 Saddest Tales

During its seven-season run on Nickelodeon (1992 to 2000), Are You Afraid of the Dark? featured a variety of chilling tales of the supernatural. Each episode revolved around a group of teenagers (The ...

Exclusive Interview: Lucky McKee on Tales of Halloween

Wicked Horror recently had the opportunity to speak with master of horror Lucky McKee about his contribution to the exceptional horror anthology Tales of Halloween. Read our review right here. The dir...

Nightlight Poster

Review-Nightlight Movie

The Nightlight Movie is the recently released, first person perspective feature film by the writing and directing team behind Bluebox Limited, Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. Although the two have been wo...

Mainstream horror tv - Scream Queens TV series group photo

Fox’s Scream Queens Debuts A Second Teaser Trailer

Fox’s new anthology horror series Scream Queens shared a teaser video with us on Friday February 13th and true to form, they have followed suit with another one today. We have the new teaser for your ...

Here’s a Video Sneak Peak at V/H/S/ Viral’s Excised Segment Gorgeous Vortex

A new clip from the deleted segment in the anthology horror sequel V/H/S Viral was released today. Come inside and take a look at the recently released excerpt after the break. This newly debuted VHS ...

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