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Robert Englund. Walk of Fame

Fans Petition to Get Robert Englund a Star on The Walk of Fame

A campaign has been started at Petition Buzz to get Robert Englund a star on The Walk of Fame. The legendary character actor has nearly 150 film and television credits to his name. He has appeared in ...

Friday the 13th Part VI novel

Moments in Horror Novelizations That Change the Way We See the Characters

Back in the day, every movie got a novelization. They were mostly seen as great for people who didn’t want to commit fully to reading or for children who needed to coast through a book report. E...

freddy krueger from nightmare on elm street

Facts You Might Not Know About Your Favorite Horror

Many horror fans love obscure and random facts about their favorite horror films, and that’s no exception here. Read more below for some facts you might not know about your favorite horror movie...

New Fright Rags Designs

Eight New Fright Rags Designs Unveiled

We reported last week that genre film T-Shirt designer Fright Rags had unveiled a series of new selections via their website. And they are back with more this week. The site has just put up eight new ...

The new mask in Halloween 6

10 of the Most Memorable Killers from Horror Cinema

Horror killers are the backbone of the genre. If it were not for the razorblade-weilding psychopaths that stalk the dreams of horny teenagers or the machete-toting madmen that lurk around summer camps...

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