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Stan Against Evil Season 3

Stan Against Evil Season 3 is the Best Yet!

FC’s horror comedy, Stan Against Evil features John C. McGinley as a small town ex-sheriff and local curmudgeon. Those who enjoyed McGinley’s performance on Scrubs work will like Stan Mill...

A scene from the 2018 film Midnighters.

Midnighters (2018) is a Mystery Movie Most Mundane [Review]

The latest from IFC Midnight – the almost-too-appropriately-titled Midnighters – is a movie that starts off like a gory morality play, suddenly becomes a generic home invasion picture and ...


Kaleidoscope Is A Psychological Thriller Sans Thrills

Kaleidoscope is one of those flicks that feels like three different movies superglued together. The first half gives you the impression it’s going to be a Hard Candy-esque “perils of online dating” mi...

Review: Beyond The Gates Is A Nightmare-Inducing, Well-Crafted Thriller

Beyond the Gates centers around two estranged brothers who are forced to come together after their father has been reported missing for the past 7 months. Gordon (Graham Skipper, Almost Human) the str...

Advance Review – Narcopolis

In the not-too-distant future, recreational drugs have become legalized, and are regulated and ruled by the mega-corporation, Ambro. A police officer catches wind of something shady going on with Ambr...

Dark Summer

Review–Dark Summer Is by the Book but That’s OK

Dark Summer follows Daniel, a young man on house arrest for stalking and hacking into the social media accounts of a young outsider he suddenly becomes taken with. The conditions of his house arrest d...

Alien Outpost

Alien Outpost Debuts a Final Trailer

IFC has debuted a final trailer for their upcoming sci-fi thriller Alien Outpost. The film is slated for a US release in select theaters beginning January 30, 2015. It was previously known under the t...


New Trailer and One Sheet for Action-Horror Film Wyrmwood Make their Debut!

We have a new trailer and a brand new one sheet in support of the upcoming release of the action-horror hybrid Wyrmwood. Head inside for your first look at the newly debuted trailer. One sheet picture...

Dark Summer

Paul Solet’s Dark Summer Debuts a One Sheet

Dark Summer, the upcoming film from director Paul Solet (Grace) has debuted a new one sheet in support of the film’s forthcoming release. The picture is slated for a VOD and simultaneous limited...

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