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Psyhco-Head Poster art for the Rob Zombie film 31.

Rob Zombie’s Clown-Centirc Horror Film 31 Acquired by Alchemy

Indie Distributor Alchemy has just announced that they have acquired the North American rights to Rob Zombie’s currently in production horror shocker 31.  Deadline reports that Zombie commented ...

Michael Jackson Thriller

Top 10 Horror-themed Music Videos

Music videos are a mixed bunch. While a lot of them are nothing more than lip syncing and fish eye lenses, some artists go above and beyond. At one point in time these were the major selling points fo...

Psyhco-Head Poster art for the Rob Zombie film 31.

Rob Zombie’s 31 Adds a Star and Begins Production

We have learned a bit more about Rob Zombie’s latest project 31. First, we discovered that the project has already headed into production and second, we have also learned that Malcolm McDowell w...

Halloween Complete Collection 10-Disc Edition Product Review

[soliloquy id=”10045″] I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the Halloween 10-disc complete collection in the mail from our Anchor Bay rep and since we have already covered the 15-disc e...

Halloween Most outrageous deaths in the Halloween franchise - Halloween Returns

Remake Comparison – Halloween – Carpenter Vs Zombie

Comparing these two movies is interesting because despite telling the same basic story, they could not be more different. The two movies are made by completely different filmmakers with completely dif...

Psyhco-Head Poster art for the Rob Zombie film 31.

More Concept Art Revealed from 31

[soliloquy id=”7328″] Since we first reported on 31, we have discovered a bit more in terms of plot and also have also uncovered another piece of concept art from the film. Come inside and...

Psyhco-Head Poster art for the Rob Zombie film 31.

New Concept Art for Rob Zombie’s ’31’ Revealed

[soliloquy id=”7328″] More concept art for the yet to be produced Rob Zombie film 31 has been posted to the official website for the film. Check out three brand new images after the jump.

Teaser art featuring concept designs for the clowns in rob zombie's 31.

31 – Rob Zombie’s Next Horror Film

[soliloquy id=”7328″] Rob Zombie will be crowd funding his latest horror film 31. Contributors to the campaign have the opportunity to score a walk-on role in the film, get their hands on ...

female killers Asami (Eihi Shiina) getting ready to engage in some torture in Takashi Miike's Audition.

Bad Hot Babes Of Horror- Chicks That Pack A Punch

Who doesn’t love a hot babe? Horror films are certainly full of gorgeous women – in fact, it’s hard to think of any horror picture without a beautiful woman gracing the screen at som...

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