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Wicked Horror

New on Wicked Horror TV: July 2023

Welcome back to What’s New on WHTV! This weekly list will update you on everything that is coming to Wicked Horror’s streaming counterpart, Wicked Horror TV. If you’re not aware, Wicked Horror TV is a...

Corbin Nash

Corbin Nash arrives D.O.A. to V.O.D. [Review]

While watching Corbin Nash, I couldn’t help but think about this one article Roger Ebert wrote about how painful it is to review bad movies for a living. At the time, I thought it was a larf. I ...

Western/Horror Film Hybrids that work surprisingly well. Vampires.- Vampire Novels that went widely overlooked

Six Vampire Novels That Went Widely Overlooked

While they may have faded from the teen fiction world in recent years, vampire novels have always dominated genre literature and haven’t really gone away. The Strain trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and ...


How Martin and Vampire’s Kiss are Strikingly Similar in Their Portrayal of Vampires

Whether it’s treated as an ancient bloodline or a chronic disease, vampirism has been depicted in countless forms across popular culture. Though some of the most common vampire traits include im...


Deathdream and the Horrors of War

Most people have probably heard the tale of “The Monkey’s Paw” in one form or another. The 1902 short story by W. W. Jacobs revolves around a mysterious monkey’s paw with the ability to grant three wi...

Cult Corner - Frogs

Cult Corner: Top 5 Bargain Bin Discoveries of 2015

Oh what a year it’s been. While 2015 offered up a lot of really great horror movies (I had like eight runners up on my top 5 list) I also ended up watching an endless stream of absolute schlock. Cult ...

CT HorrorFest Costume Gallery

Having gotten the chance to check out CT HorrorFest this past Saturday, in addition to seeing the great vendors and panels I was also able to see all of the great costume designs that the community sh...

Bordello of Blood

Campy Doesn’t Have to Equal Crappy: Finding Value in Campy Horror

One of my favorite television shows is based on a movie. The movie wasn’t nearly as popular as the show, but was, to me, still enjoyable. Recently I’ve heard several people saying that they couldn’t e...

Eli and Oskar in Let the Right One In

Book Review – John Lindqvist’s Let the Right One In

For a chilly winter’s night, there is perhaps no better book for a horror fan to pick up than John Lindqvist’s chilling Let the Right One In. The 2008 Swedish film adaptation of the same n...

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