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Dawn of the Dead - alternate cuts

Why George Romero is Both Right and Wrong About Mainstream Zombies

Recently, George Romero said that he blames shows like The Walking Dead and blockbusters like World War Z for why he can’t find funding for a zombie project of his own anymore. His words caused an upr...

publicity still of Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore for Bates Motel

Horror on TV: Is the Bubble About to Burst?

I’ve written a lot about horror on television and the boom we’ve been seeing over the past six years. Most of what I’ve had to say is pretty optimistic. I think the age of the TV remake has turned out...

Zombie Events in the UK and US

Fight the Walking Dead with Zombie Apocalypse Experiences!

Who doesn’t love zombies nowadays? Visions of a zombie apocalypse and the walking dead are everywhere. Catch them on television, in games, theme parks, books, toy stores; you name it, they’re probably...

The Walking Dead.

Universal Attracts The Walking Dead this Summer!

The Walking Dead has been a part of Universal’s seasonal Halloween Horror Nights for the past four years, featuring creepy mazes based on the hugely popular drama. The Golden-Globe nominated, Emmy Awa...

The Walking Dead

How The Walking Dead Changed the Landscape of Horror TV (Whether You Like It or Not)

Whether you watch the show or not—some of us gave up several seasons ago — The Walking Dead changed television. We are in a different climate now because of what that show did. On some level, I can se...

The primary cover to Jay Gunn's first issue of "Surface Tension"

Advance Review: Surface Tension #1

In case your zombie narrative ever seems dry, just throw a bit of water on it. Fortunately, Jay Gunn did a hell of a lot more than that to bring us Surface Tension, a five part miniseries published by...

The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead To Return February 2015!

[soliloquy id=”14211″] On Sunday night, The Walking Dead said its goodbyes for 2014 with its gut-wrenching, mid-season finale “Coda,” which closed out with an unexpected death of a major c...

rick grimes and the cast need to try to survive the latest batch of dead in season 5 of the walking dead.

Walking Dead, Season 5 Poster

[soliloquy id=”742″] Season four may have just ended Sunday, but “The Walking Dead” fans already are talking about season five, which will air fall of 2014. Here’s the ne...

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