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Modern Horror Movie Costumes to Try This Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and it’s always a great deal of fun to get into the spirit of things. There is an abundance of costumes old and new but Wicked Horror has put together our top 12 Halloween Costumes picks from modern horror movies for you to try out this spooky season. Get your Halloween on and let us know your favorite costume ideas below!

The Bride in Black or the Old Woman from Insidious 

Get your astral projection on with The Bride in Black, or the Old Woman aka Parker Crane costume from Insidious. You’ll need a black dress, a black veil (which you can get from here). Also, this awesome old woman mask which you can get here, would definitely take it from PG-13 to an X-rating.

The Bride in Black from Insidious.


Make the myth real with a Smiley costume this Halloween. You’ll need a black jacket, prop knife, good face paint, and fake blood to draw on the stitched eyes and mouth. You can find a good make-up tutorial for it by clicking here.

The myth movie Smiley.


Make others miss you when you’re gone in a cute but creepy Annabelle costume. You can buy the full outfit here.

Annabelle the doll from The Conuring.

The Human Centipede

Enjoy yourself, even if you end up on your own at the party in this Human Centipede inspired Halloween costume. You’ll need a couple of blow-up dolls like ones you can get by clicking here and some bandages or tape to create your solo-centipede.

The Human Centipede.


Get your creepy Carrie on and rule the party. You’ll need a prom dress and a bottle of fake blood, or get a readymade Carrie dress by clicking here. Telekenesis optional.

Carrie the movie.

The Collector 

Make this Halloween a real trick or treat at your house and dress up as The Collector. You can find a wicked replica, if slightly expensive, mask here. You’ll also need black jeans and a black sleeved high neck top.

The Collector and The Collection.

American Mary

Always beware of your drink at any party, but let people know you’re not to be messed with by donning this American Mary inspired costume, You’ll need black heels, tights, a black skirt, a white shirt and a black apron. Also get a fake scalpel here to add some intensity to the look.

American Mary directed by the Soska Sisters.

The Ruffians from The Purge 

More masked intruders in the form of the Polite Leader and gang or the street hooligans from The Purge and The Purge: Anarchy. Trick or Treating in these outfits will certainly cause some terror. You’ll need a smiley-face mask like the one available here or the notorious gang mask, which you can pick up here, and a murderous vibe.

The Purge Anarchy.

Bughuul from Sinister

Put the chills in everyone you come across this Halloween with this amazing Bughuul from Sinister face mask, available by clicking here. Expensive but badass. Creepy children harem optional.


The Killer from The Town that Dreaded Sundown

Put fear in your town this Halloween with a The Town That Dreaded Sundown Halloween costume. You’ll need a double-denim jeans/jacket combo and a pillow case to cut two eye holes in.

The Town that Dreaded Sundown.

The Killers from You’re Next

Get your intruder on with any of the animal masks from You’re Next. You need a big black jacket, an animal mask and some form of (fake) weapon. You can get a sheep animal mask right here.

Youre Next animal masks.

The Babadook 

Become The Babadook, dook, dook this Halloween and put the creeps in kids everywhere. You’ll need a long, oversized, black coat, a top hat like this and horror inspired gloves like these (you could paint the nails black for a better Babadook effect). No one is going to be able to get rid of you at the party.

The Babadook.

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