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Announcing the Bad Boyfriends of Horror Tournament


Sports are cancelled until further notice. The rest of the world is grinding to a halt as well. Yet, we here at Wicked Horror refuse to let the apocalypse come without finding the answer to one of the most pressing questions of our time. Who is the worst boyfriend in horror films? 

To that end, we are proud to announce the Bad Boyfriends of Horror tournament. We’ve found 32 of the worst boyfriends in horror, ranked them, and built a March Madness style bracket. But to find out who the worst boyfriend in horror films is, we need you! 

How to Vote 

On the day of each vote, we’ll post an article with a rundown of the competitors and a link to a Google Poll. Follow that link and vote! Vote early! Vote often! 

Voting for each round closes at 11:59pm EST on the day the article is posted. 

The Bracket 

Downloadable Bracket

Schedule of Voting: 

-Round 1, Day 1 – March 23rd

-Round 1, Day 2 – March 24th

-Sweet Sixteen – March 25th

-Elite Eight – March 26th 

-Final Four – March 27th 

-Championship Shame – March 28th

-The winner will be crowned on March 30th!

The Bad Boyfriends (And Husbands)

  1. The House that Jack Built – Jack 
  2.  Scream – Billy Loomis
  3. Knives and Skin – Andy Kitzmiller
  4. Rosemary’s Baby – Guy Woodhouse
  5. The Invisible Man – Adrian Griffin
  6. You’re Next – Crispian Davison
  7. It Follows – Hugh 
  8. The Shining – Jack Torrance
  9. At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul – Coffin Joe
  10. Revenge – Richard
  11. Crimson Peaks – Sir Thomas Sharpe
  12. Ready or Not – Alex Le Domas
  13. The Omen – Robert Thorn
  14. Possession – Mark
  15. Antichrist – He
  16. Midsommar – Christian
  17. Halloween (2018) – Cameron Elam
  18. The Fly – Seth Brundle
  19. Frankenstein (1931) – Dr. Henry Frankenstein
  20. The Legend of Hell House Dr. Lionel Barrett
  21. Don’t Breathe – Money
  22. An American Werewolf in London – David Kessler
  23. Audition – Shigeharu Aoyama
  24. Paranormal Activity – Micah
  25. The Descent – Paul
  26. Drag Me to Hell – Clay Dalton
  27. Satanic Panic – Duncan Havermyer
  28. Bliss – Clive
  29. Se7en – Mills
  30. Zombieland: Double Tap – Columbus
  31. Eraserhead – Henry Spencer
  32. The Others – Charles

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