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And The Bad Boyfriends of Horror Winner Is…

Billy Loomis! It was tight. There were multiple lead changes in the last hour, and the match was tied with less than an hour to go. Guy Woodhouse from Rosemary’s Baby (4) earned 46.7% of the vote to Billy’s 53.3%. 

Billy pulled through after beating Henry Spencer from Eraserhead (31), Seth Brundle from The Fly (18), Hugh from It Follows (7), and Crispian Davison from You’re Next (6). 

Please join me in chanting a**hole at Billy. 

Bio: Loomis is a quintessentially bad boyfriend. Since Scream is from 1996, I’m going to spoil it: he murdered Sydney’s mother. Then he killed a few other members of their friend group. After that he tried to kill Sydney! The cherry on top? He tried to pin it all on her father. 

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Thank you to everyone who voted in the tournament! 

You can see the full results of every vote here or in the graphic below. 

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