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The Bad Boyfriends of Horror Failing Four

Horror movies have long tapped into the fears of the society, taking what scares us most and exaggerating it. I noticed a trend, thanks in large part to our 16 seed Christian from Midsommar, of horror movies featuring boyfriends (and husbands) who are beyond bad. The men on this list gaslight, cheat, abuse, and in the worst cases murder their significant others. 

But which one of these dirtbags is the actual worst?  

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If you’re not sure who anyone is, or who you think is worse, we’ve got some information for you below! 

Last Round

The Hateable Eight saw everything go by seed. Goodbye to the tournament’s dark horse and inspiration, Christian from Midsommar. God, I hate that guy. 

Jack Torrance from The Shining (8) versus Guy Woodhouse from Rosemary’s Baby (4) 

Eight Behind the Scenes Stories That Would Make Great Features of Their Own jack nicholson in the shining.Last Rounds: Jack axed Paul from The Descent (25), Micah from Paranormal Activity (24), and most recently Christian from Midsommar (16) with 77.8% of the vote to set up his first match against another bona fide horror legend. 

Bio: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. But it didn’t really matter how much work or play Jack had in the film version of The Shining. He was physically abusive of his son Danny long before they arrived at the Overlook Hotel. The ghosts didn’t make him a s*** husband. They gave him an axe. 

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Last Rounds: Guy has manipulated his way through Detective Mills from Se7en (29), Robert Thorn from The Omen (13), and Adrian Griffin from The Invisible Man (5), winning the last vote 77.8% to 22.2%. 

Bio: What would you trade for fame? Since the film isn’t from Guy’s perspective, we don’t know how long he deliberated before he agreed to trade his wife’s womb for acting fame. He doesn’t stop there, though. He actively gaslights, drugs, and rapes her to help Satan get her pregnant. 

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Billy Loomis from Scream (2) versus Crispian Davison from You’re Next (6) 

Last Rounds: Billy has torn through this tournament, scoring the first 100% victory last round against Hugh from It Follows (7). Before that, he took out Henry Spencer from Eraserhead (31) and separated the Brundle from the Fly (18) with identical 91.7% wins.

Bio: Loomis is a quintessentially bad boyfriend. Since Scream is from 1996, I’m going to spoil it: he murdered Sydney’s mother. Then he killed a few other members of their friend group. After that he tried to kill Sydney! The cherry on top? He tried to pin it all on her father. 

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Last Rounds: Crispian is the most obscure character left in the tournament, but don’t count him out. He’s knocked off Duncan Havermyer from Satanic Panic (27), Sir Thomas Sharpe from Crimson Peaks (11), and Mark from Possession (14). He beat Mark with 66.7% of the vote. 

Bio: 6Meeting your significant other’s parents is always hard. There’s a pressure to get them to like you. It’s a bit harder for Erin when she joins her 1% rich boyfriend Crispian’s family for his parent’s wedding anniversary. SPOILERS FOR ONE OF THE BEST HORROR FLICKS OF THE 2010S AHEAD. It’s impossible to get them to like her when Crispian, played perfectly by AJ Bowen, hired a team of mercenaries to kill everyone but him and still decided to bring her as a guest. 

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Vote for the boyfriends you hate the most here! And make sure you come back tomorrow for Round 5!

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