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‘The Legend of Hell House’ is Headed for Blu-ray

Blu-ray artwork for The Legend of Hell House.
Blu-ray artwork for The Legend of Hell House.

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The genre film focused distributor Scream Factory will be bringing tried and true classic The Legend of Hell House to blu-ray. They have preserved the original theatrical artwork and abandoned the generic looking cover art that was used for the bare bones DVD release of  Hell House. The blu-ray disc will feature a 1:85:1 transfer of the film and several new special features not included in the DVD release. The DVD transfer of The Legend of Hell House wasn’t of high quality, so it will be great to see the film restored to its original glory and in high definition. You can read our retrospective on the film here.

The Legend of Hell House sees four individuals tasked with definitively proving or disproving the existence of the paranormal. The group takes up residence at the Belasco house – one of the most notoriously haunted houses on earth. One of the four team members has endured a stay in the Belasco residence once before and he is certain that the house is haunted. The four quickly learn that they will have to work together if they have any hope of survival.

Some of the bonus features contained within the disc are:

New Interview With Director John Hough

New Audio Commentary With Actress Pamela Franklin

Theatrical Trailer 


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