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New on Wicked Horror TV: December 12, 2022

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Welcome back to What’s New on WHTV! This weekly list will update you on everything that is coming to Wicked Horror’s streaming counterpart, Wicked Horror TV. If you’re not aware, Wicked Horror TV is available on Roku and Amazon as well as via your Internet browser. From classic films to the latest in indie horror, Wicked Horror TV has a little something for everyone. And the best part? New movies are added weekly!

The following title will be available December 18th, 2022:

Cold Ground (2017)

Two journalists visit the French-Swiss border to investigate a series of cattle mutilations for a TV show, but they discover that something ungodly has been in the Alps for centuries.

Reflections of Evil (2002)

Julie, who died of a PCP overdose as a teen in the early 70s, searches from beyond the ethers for her little brother, Bob, an obese watch-seller, who is dying of sucrose intolerance, in the early 90s.

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy (2008)

Harry Penderecki (David Naughton), a once heralded horror auteur, finds himself on the outside looking in at Hollywood. He hasn’t had a hit film in years, and most in the industry, including his close friends, think he is washed up.

The Tell Tale Heart (1960)

A murderer is tormented by the sound of his best friend’s perpetually-beating heart after killing him in a jealous rage.

The Zombie Club (2019)

After a mix-up in a shipment of lab frogs goes terribly wrong, 6 teens find themselves in a race against the clock to find a cure. A race that will alter their lives forever… and the lives of thousands.

The Mad Executioners (1963)

Scotland Yard searches for a link between a series of bizarre beheadings and mysterious sex crimes plaguing London.

Naciye (2015)

On their first night at a new, secluded house, a couple (Esin Harvey, Gorkem Mertsoz) encounter the mysterious woman (Derya Alabora) who claims it to be her home.

The Vampire Bat (1933)

When corpses drained of blood begin to show up in a European village, town elders suspect a vampire on the loose. Policeman Karl Brettschneider (Melvyn Douglas) doubts the existence of vampires, but Dr. Otto von Niemann (Lionel Atwill) argues to the contrary. Fingers point at the village idiot, Herman Gleib (Dwight Frye), but after local vigilantes get him out of the picture, the killings continue. Brettschneider then tries to keep a cool head as he searches for possibly supernatural answers.

Seven Devils (2015)

The seven deadly sins are explored through a series of vignettes. A blind woman hires a hooker to help her overcome her inexperience; off duty cops are attacked by organ thieves; a priest buys drugs from a mute.

The Woodsman (2016)

After four women disappear in the small town of Nazareth, detective Alex Whiting is assigned to protect the only witness to the crimes, an amnesiac girl who mumbles about wolves in the forest.

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