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Fright Rags Has 12 New T-Shirt Designs Available for Pre-Order

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If you are a fan of the horror inspired T-Shirt designs produced by genre film clothing label Fright Rags, we have good news for you. The T-Shirt manufacturer has unleashed as series of brand new designs. Each of them is up on the site now and ready for pre-order. There are 12 new T-Shirt designs in all. We have three of our favorites for you to check out after the jump. 

The newly added selections include an entire Tucker & Dale vs. Evil collection, several designs from the Halloween franchise, one from The Gate, another from A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors, and several other brand new designs are available as well.

According to the Fright Rags Facebook page, any of the pre-order items that are purchased now will ship in the first part of October.

The Tucker & Dale vs. Evil prints (pictured below) are limited edition. Only 300 of each shirt have been manufactured and once they are sold out, that’s the end of it. So if you are planning on picking one up, you will want to do so in the near future.

Fright Rags was founded in 2003 with a commitment to quality and a mission to bring you the best horror-themed designs around. They silk screen each design by hand and offer buyers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Since the launch of the brand over ten years ago, Fright Rags has amassed a loyal clientele and continue to bring awesome designs to life.



Fright Rags The Gate shirt.

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