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Gift Guide: Handmade Lament Configuration Puzzle Box

Pinhead's Puzzle Box.

In this installment of Gift Guide, we are showcasing a replica of the Lament Configuration from the Hellraiser films. This will make an excellent gift for the horror fan in your life on any occasion. This is a Collector Quality, handmade movie prop replica, of the Lament Configuration from the movie Hellraiser is available on Etsy via ThePuzzleBoxMaker.

From the seller’s Etsy store:
“The panels are recreated from the Original Hellraiser Puzzle Boxes used in the Hellraiser films. These boxes were designed by Simon Sayce, the original designer of the puzzle boxes, and etched at a professional etching house to assure detail and quality brass panels. Each order receives: One Hellraiser Puzzle Box, specific to the Hellraiser movies. Each box ships wrapped in the old world way with brown butcher paper, tied with cotton string and accompanied with a letter of history and origin. You will also receive a signed COA(certificate of Authenticity (not pictured). It also comes with a puzzle box stand to display your item and 4×6 lab printed photo of Captain Elliot Spencer, the previous owner.”

“The boxes are all 6 sided measuring 3″x3″x3″ inches(tall, wide,deep) Solid Mahogany Cubes, and the pattern on the faces are .005” etched brass. Unlike in the film, all sides of the box are lacquered black. The boxes are tarnish resistant.”

Hellraiser puzzle box.

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