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IDW Developing New Comic Book Sequel to ‘The Fly’

Fans of The Fly will be happy to hear that the series that began with David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake will be returning… in comic book form.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that IDW is developing a new comic book sequel to David Cronenberg’s feature film The Fly. The series will be written by Brandon Seifert, who has previously worked on Boom Studios’ Hellraiser comic adaptation with Clive Barker. The artwork will be handled by menton3.

The series will focus on the son of Jeff Goldblum’s Seth Brundle character, the titular fly of the original movie, who is reported to be “almost human” and will be carrying on his father’s work. While The Fly II had a similar premise, IDW’s series is set to ignore that film completely. Seifert cited Genetically Modified Organisms as something expected to be focused on, saying “it’s really exciting to explore those elements in the miniseries.”

This mini-series is also expected to be unrelated to both Renny Harlin’s Flies which was another planned sequel that had never gotten off the ground and David Cronenberg’s pseudo-sequel that was last heard of in 2012.

Titled The Fly: Outbreak, the series is set to launch in March. Stay tuned for more details as they are announced.


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