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New Details Revealed Regarding American Horror Story: Freak Show

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Entertainment Weekly has secured and subsequently revealed a series of new character and plot details regarding American Horror Story: Freak Show as part of their Fall TV Preview. Come inside for the highlights! 

Jessica Lange told EW of her character Elsa Mars: ”My character is very manipulative. She understands what’s needed and she provides it. However the thing I want to be very clear is that Elsa really loves these people. She truly cares for them in her own selfish narcissistic way. It’s not just exploitation.”

Elsa’s band of misfits includes AHS alumnus Evan Peters as Jimmy, who has ectrodactyly hands and Kathy Bates as Jimmy’s mother Ethel,  the bearded lady. Series co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy explains that, “Ethel is basically Elsa’s right hand woman. She helps run the camp, and she’s sort of the guardian of the law. She had a real tragedy in that she was a real circus star in the ‘20s and 30s and then she had her baby and she became a down-and-out drunk, and Elsa saved her.”

The primary antagonist of the season will be, a murderer called Twisty the Clown. Twisty will be played by John Carroll Lynch (Zodiac). The killer clown has retired in Jupiter and is less than pleased when the freak show pulls into his neighborhood.

The series will deliver a two-part Halloween special featuring a guest appearance from Wes Bentley (P2). Bentley will play Edward Mordrake,  a man with two faces. Murphy explained to EW that the face on the back of Mordrake’s head tempts him to commit unspeakably violent acts.

American Horror Story: Freak Show will take place in 1950 in Jupiter, Florida, which was the home of an actual ‘freak show’ at that time. From the sound of it, the series will be loosely based on some actual events that occurred at the Jupiter ‘freak show’ – which was among the last freak shows in existence in the US.

With the October 8th premiere now less than a month away, we should be seeing more and more promotional material popping up. We will continue to keep you apprised as we learn more. Stay tuned for the latest on American Horror Story: Freak Show. We will keep you in the loop as we learn more!


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