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`Paranormal Project’ Trailer Promises Shadowy Chills!

Paranormal Project scene

Paranormal Project is coming soon to the U.S. It takes viewers along with ghost hunters in South India as they explore four chilling cases inspired by true events. 

Produced in India, the film  promises haunted chills, dark threats, and even exorcism. There’s a healthy dose of candle-lit exploration that offer viewers a fresh backdrop for the kind of old dark house terror that makes for edge-of-the-seat viewing.  

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The 80-minute feature was written and directed by S.S. Jishnu Dev and  produced by Chacko Skaria under the Captarius Entertainment banner. A late 2023 release is planned in the U.S. via PlayNowMedia LLC under the horror label Dark Web Films

The trailer below offers a taste of what’s ahead in the flick, which serves up ghost hunters Alwin Josh, Sam Alex, Karthik Raghuvaran, and Kristi Fernando, who use state-of-the-art ghost-detection equipment as they explore reported hauntings and worse.

The film delivers encounters with evil that will rattle the ghost hunters’ connection with reality and test their faith. If the trailer is any indication, it should be a scary, nail-biting trip. Look for a few bloody flourishes as well. 

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Paranormal Project was filmed entirely in South India, in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The cast includes Snehal Rao, Abhishek Srekumar, Gautham S. Kumar, Saran Indokera, and Suneesh.

The shadowy cinematography and editing were handled by the director. The trailer is punctuated by a suitably unnerving  background score, and effects are credited to Abin S. Vincent. Sound design and mixing are credited to Sree Vishnu JS.

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