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See Who is Most Likely to Die in this Brand New Trailer!

Although Most Likely to Die does not yet have an official release date at this juncture, MarVista Entertainment has released an official trailer for the film. And we have it available for you to check out for yourself after the break.

It’s important to mention that the film was written in the ’90s and shelved after the slasher boom of that decade sort of fizzled. Director Anthony DiBlasi (Last Shift) made the film as an attempt to pay homage to the slashers of that era.

Most Likely to Die takes place at pre-party for a ten-year high school reunion. The guests soon learn that a masked killer in a graduation gown is picking off attendees, one by one. Each of them is killed in a manner that pays tribute their yearbook prediction. IE: Best Smile, Biggest Flirt, or Most Likely to Succeed.

The film stars Chad Addison, Jake Busey, Tess Christiansen, and Perez Hilton. Although the trailer looks a little cheesy, our very own Joey Keogh was a fan of the film, which gives me high hopes. You can read her favorable review right here! And you can check out her exclusive interview with the film’s director Anthony DiBlasi right here.

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