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Wesley Snipes in Blade

Why Blade is Responsible for the Current Climate of Comic Book Movies

We live in the golden age of comic book related content, there’s no two ways about it. For a solid fifteen years, we have had nothing but success after success, with nearly every Marvel and DC based p...

Wesley Snipes in Blade

New Blade Movie Seems More and More Likely,

Amid rumors that Marvel might be planning a new Blade feature film, Wesley Snipes has offered another update on exactly where he stands. Snipes recently sat down with The Huffington Post and when the ...

Wesley Snipes in Blade

Is Marvel Working on a New Blade Movie?

Rumors are swirling that Marvel might just be planning a new Blade feature film. Rumblings indicate that the proposed feature would be based on the yet-to-be-released comic series that will feature Bl...

Wesley Snipes in Blade

Blade Revival in the Works? Perhaps!

At SanDiego Comic-Con, Wesley Snipes suggested that another Blade film may be a reality in the not-so-distant future. Snipes chatted with Yahoo about his new television series, The Player and when the...

puppet master comic book

Comic Review: Puppet Master #1-3

For those who may not be aware, one of the longest-running horror franchises in history, Puppet Master, has now returned in the form of a monthly comic book series. This is not the first Puppet Master...

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