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25 Horror Films On Netflix You Haven’t Seen But Should

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Here is a list profiling some of the top horror film on Netflix, 25 of them, as of late May 2015 that you probably haven’t seen but definitely should. The best kind of horror creeps up on you outside of the studio machine, the great film you hear from word-of-mouth. Check these films out, or, if you have seen them, recommend this list to your friends and look all powerful in the horror world.

We’ve all seen the Halloween the 13th Chucky Ring Exorcist Massacre movies of the world, but I bet you there are several, if not more, on this list you haven’t seen. Shut off the lights, maybe invite some friends over and enjoy a scary NETFLIX night in. Included are poster images and trailers for you. Enjoy!

*Please Note* NetFlix Horror Movies can vary country to country at any particular time, so if some of these movies are not on NetFlix where you are this month, just make some notes and also come back to our site, we’ll have updates on suggested NetFlix Horror 1-2 times a month, there’s always some (or all) on NetlFlix where you are.

25.  13 Sins


13 Sins sees a man lured into playing a twisted game for ever increasing amounts of cash. But as the dollar value gets larger, so do the stakes.

24.  P2

24 - p2

P2 finds a young woman held hostage in the parking garage of the office building where she works. She must dig deep if she has any hope to survive the night.

23.  The Canal

the canal

In The Canal a film archivist is shocked to learn that his happy home was once home to a grisly murder. That would explain the ghostly visions he’s been having.

22.  Troll Hunter

22 - Troll Hunter

A group of Norweigan film students take to the forest to interview a man who claims to be a real life troll hunter. Their initial disbelief is soon overcome by overwhelming evidence that trolls do actually exist. Pure faux-documentary / found-footage and lots of fun! Norway’s best found footage film ever! (not sure how many they have, but this one rocks).

21.  A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

A Girl Walks Home At Alone

A girl Walks Home Alone at Night is set in a place called Bad City, where things like, drugs, prostitution, and murder are just a few of the evils that the residents are faced with on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention vampirism.

20.  Odd Thomas

odd thomas

Odd Thomas is adapted from the Dean Koontz novel of the same name. It follows, Odd, its titular character, who is a psychic short order cook. He can see dead people and does battle with the malevolent creatures he comes across.

19.  The Road

The Road

The Road sees a trio of teens vanishing after a joyride in a seemingly isolated instance. But Detective Medina soon realizes that there is an eerie connection to a cold case from 12 years ago.

18.  The Awakening

The Awakening

Florence Cathcart debunks the existence of paranormal entities for a living but when called to do so at a reportedly haunting boarding school, that line of thinking is called into question. An atmospheric film of a ghost hunter from decades ago just when modern technology made an appearance.

17.  The Den

17 -The-Den

After bearing witness to a webcam murder, a woman and her loved ones are tormented by a ruthless killer. Shot webcam, cell-phone, found-footage style, its definitely on top of the recent found-footage offerings!


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