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Joy Ride Remains a Road Trip Riot with a Dark Destination [Rabid Dog’s House]

The Rabid Dog’s House is a recurring feature at Wicked Horror where contributor Justin Steele uncovers hidden gems, lost classics, and overlooked indie offerings. Flying solo or with the occasional guest, he will discuss an array of topics covering film, literature, and television. Check out the latest installment below. In this episode we’re looking back at 2001’s Joy Ride!

Directed by John Dahl, Joy Ride stars Paul Walker as Lewis, a young man that purchases a car in order to pick up his longtime crush Venna (Leelee Sobieski) for a romantic road trip ride home from college. Along the way he picks up his wayward brother Fuller (Steve Zahn), and the two brothers pass the time by playing a trick on an unsuspecting trucker known only as Rusty Nail. Unfortunately, Rusty Nail is not the right guy to play tricks on and the young trio soon find themselves on the road trip from Hell.

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Emerging at the end of the resurgence of horror beginning with 1996’s Scream, 2001’s Joy Ride is a straightforward thriller concerned not with self-aware dialogue and scary movie references, but instead seeks only to bring suspense to the audience. With a few laughs along the way.

Click below to watch Justin and special guest star Zena Dixon discuss Joy Ride!

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Written by Justin Steele
Justin Steele is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. His focus was the representation of women and minorities in contemporary media. In addition to writing, he hosts the 411popCulture channel on YouTube. He enjoys Rep Theatre and once performed on Broadway. He currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his 15-year-old cat. He is a die-hard horror fan with a particular affinity for slasher films.
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