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dont breathe movie

Nik’s Top 2016 Horror Movies

The past few years have marked the release of some amazing modern horror films. And 2016 was no exception. We’ve seen a handful of amazing pictures put out in the past year, and we’ve also seen a some...

Nat’s Top 10 Horror Movies of 2016

Horror is never dead. It never goes away. Every year has produced terrific horror movies, even if you have to dig a little bit to find them. Having said that, some years are naturally better than othe...

The Conjuring 2 - State of Fear - Conjuring 2 Banner Poster

State of Fear: The State of Horror in 2016

We are now over halfway through a decade that, back in 2010, we didn’t even know how to define. In terms of horror, that is. Back then, all we had was found footage and it was all we thought we were g...

2016 anticipated horror movies

Nineteen 2016 Horror Movies We Can’t Wait to See!

Every year, we horror fans look forward to what the year will bring much in the way of a horror movie worth writing about. And it seems that 2016 is actually off to one horrifyingly awesome start! We&...

Pennywise in the It Remake

Horror Remakes to Look Out for in 2016 and Beyond

There are so many reboots coming out at the moment that it can be tough to keep track of them all. Our culture is currently bursting at the seams with remakes and reboots. Part of it is that the studi...

2016 horror movie lgihts out

Ten Horror Movies to Look Forward to in 2016

Like all years within the genre, 2015 has had its ups and downs. There have a few duds and a few hits. Some anticipated features have turned out to be underwhelming, while others have been much better...

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